B&S Challenger X-Line C Trumpet - Silver Plated - Dcx-S

B&S Challenger X-Line C Trumpet - Silver Plated - Dcx-S

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B&S Challenger X-Line C Trumpet

All DX line instruments feature a large bore valve section, a newly designed matching reversed leadpipe and an additional bell. Due to its unique screw bracing the DX Line offers an even more rapid response and vibrancy of sound. The second bell with a traditional round bell rim in gold brass offers a warm orchestral sound. The combination of two bells gives the versatility for orchestra, chamber music or even big band use.

All "B&S" Special Challenger custom C-Trumpets are equipped with boxed springs, monel pistons, handhammered one piece bell, nickel silver outer slides, ring and stopper on 3rd valve slide, saddle on 1st valve slide, waterkey on 3rd valve slide and on main tuning slide.

- C-Trumpet
- B&S Challenger X-Line
- 11,73mm / 0.462" L-bore
- 125mm / 4.921" bell #43
- One gold brass bell and one yellow brass bell with French bead wire
- Reversed leadpipe
- Trigger 1st valve slide
- Silver Plated
- Double wood case