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  1. Stone Settings: Swan Song - Herb Bielawa/Marian Marsh

  2. Stone Settings: Love As a Second Language - Herb Bielawa/Marian Marsh
  3. Stone Settings: Coda for a Lover - Herb Bielawa/Marian Marsh
  4. Stone Settings: The Marriage House - Herb Bielawa/Marian Marsh
  5. Stone Settings: Nightland - Herb Bielawa/Marian Marsh
  6. Googleegoo - New England Reed Trio
  7. Of Times and Their Places: Awake Once More in Spring - Paulina Stark/Estela Olevsky
  8. Of Times and Their Places: It Is a Fine Evening - Paulina Stark/Estela Olevsky
  9. Of Times and Their Places: Nights in My Small Voice I Call You - Paulina Stark/Estela Olevsky
  10. Of Times and Their Places: My Summer Love Too Late - Paulina Stark/Estela Olevsky
  11. Of Times and Their Places: I'll Come No More to that Enchanted Wood - Paulina Stark/Estela Olevsky
  12. Vars - John Ritchey/Michael Zuraw
  13. Poe Songs: A Paen - Martha Rowe/Nancy Joy/Fred Bugbee
  14. Poe Songs: Ser - Martha Rowe/Nancy Joy/Fred Bugbee
  15. Echo - Paul Tsai/Louisiana State University New Music Ens/Dinos Constantinides