Peterson Metronome Bodybeat SYNC- BBS-1

Peterson Metronome Bodybeat SYNC- BBS-1

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Simply clip the vibe clip to your belt, shoe or collar; internalize the beat and practice your music without the sound of a metronome intruding. Whether in audio mode or vibe mode, the on-screen conductor will also give a visual indication of the beat - offering a third point of timing reference.

Exclusive Features:

  • Tactile, visual or audible delivery mode
  • Silently feel the beat from the vibe clip.
  • Wirelessly synchronize an unlimited number of performers.
  • 100 yard range.
  • 99 Presets.
  • Create Tempo Maps with a free Peterson program.
  • Upload MIDI files to Tempo Maps.
  • Allows computer to drive the wireless signal. With two units and a portable PA, create a wireless metronome with a 100 yard range.


Using the wireless function, any BodyBeat Sync can either function as a Master ( or leader ) of the group, or as a Sync unit ( or member of the group ). Members of a group will stay perfectly synchronized within a 100 yard range of the group s master allowing the networking of multiple units on stage, in the recording studio, band room or anywhere the precise synchronization of a performance and its performers is required.

  •  The Peterson BodyBeat Sync is the only metronome to offer tempo adjustability in ultra-fine 1/10th BPM increments.
  • Time Signature components are independently adjustable allowing 1 - 12 beats per measure over a beat value of 2, 4, 8 or 16.
  • Each time signature has its own unique list of available subdivisons.
  • Accent Patterns are a Peterson exclusive feature that allow the division of longer or odd-meter measures into smaller chunks of 2s and 3s, making it much easier to count in times such as 5, 7, 9 and 11. 

Note: USB charger not included with BBS-1. USB cable included. Standard USB chargers can be used.