Roy Seaman Piccolo Limited Model
Roy Seaman Piccolo Limited Model

Roy Seaman Piccolo Limited Model

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For more than 25 years, Roy Seaman grenadilla wood piccolos have been the preferred choice of discerning players worldwide. Handcrafted to produce the warm, rich sound that blends so beautifully with other acoustic instruments, the Roy Seaman piccolo has long been recognized for its outstanding craftsmanship and performance. The Roy Seaman piccolo features a conical bore, a special scale design for consistent response and intonation throughout all registers, and solid silver keys

  • Roy Seaman Limited.
  • Choice Grenadilla Wood Pro Piccolo.
  • Solid Silver Keys.
  • Custom Contoured Head.
  • Seaman Professional Scale.
  • Split "E" Key.
  • Supplied In C4GL-LTD case with C4GLC Black Leather Cover.
  • Professional Quality.
  • Provides extremely quick response in the low register while retaining a free-blowing high register.
  • Reserved Inventory. Items will show signs of age. All Piccolos are set up before being sent.