Yamaha Standard Series  Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

Yamaha Standard Series Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

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Quality brass mouthpieces contribute to the high regard Yamaha has earned among beginning and professional musicians alike. The result of a special approach to design and manufacture, Yamaha mouthpieces deliver the performance and comfort required where they are needed most: where instrument meets musician.

The mouthpiece production technique used by Yamaha promises consistent quality mouthpieces, time after time. Other manufacturers use a specific cutting tool to create every mouthpiece, which causes problems as tools start to wear. This can result in inconsistent quality and poor performance. Yamaha's computer-aided design system and computer controlled lathe work together to produce the most precise, consistent mouthpieces in the world.


Bass Trombone
Model Rim Cup Depth Throat Backbore Playing Charateristics
Inner Diameter Contour Thickness
58 26.84 standard standard standard 7.25 semi-wide Medium cup and rim for easily playability through the low and middle registers. Crisp attack with outstanding flexibility.
59 27.22 standard semi-thin standard 7.25 semi-wide Relatively thin rim. Rich sound even on pedal tones. Voluminous cup for solid lows and plenty of power.
60B 27.83 standard semi-thick semi-shallow 6.92 semi-wide A German-style combination of fairly thick rim with relatively shallow cup. Excellent flexibility. Easy playability and clear tone in the middle and low registers.
60 28.25 standard thin standard 8.1 wide Very deep cup with a large throat and backbore. Powerful, deep, low tone.