BG Tenor Sax Ligature Set 6 Ligatures

BG Tenor Sax Ligature Set 6 Ligatures

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BG Tenor Sax Ligature Set with 6 Ligatures


This is a BG display case with 5 BG Tenor Sax ligatures. BG ligatures have become the standard choice for many players, professional and amateur alike. This set is a great tool for any teacher to help their students find their sound or player looking to have instant access to a different ligature for changing sound conditions. Set does not include caps.


Ligatures Included:


Standard Fabric L13.

Enjoy a rich sound. An ideal ligature for ensemble work and chamber music, the Standard provides a dark yet focused sound and is extremely free blowing.

Gold Plated Tradition L41.

Designed as the soloist's ligature, the Tradition is ideal for both orchestral and studio work. It offers a sound that is brilliant, colorful, flexible and free blowing.

Gold Lacquered Tradition L40.

For hard-rubber mouthpieces, the BG Tradition gold alto ligature is a true soloist ligature. The ligature produces a brilliant, free-blowing and colorful sound ideal for the student and professional.

Revelation Jazz L21RJ.

For Berg Larsen or similar metal mouthpieces. Designed to allow the reed the most free of vibration, the Revelation provides excellent projection without the stuffiness of most fabric ligatures. The sound is clear and articulation is easy.

Revelation Jazz L24RJ.

For Otto Link or similar sized metal mouthpieces. Similar to the Revelation, the Silver Revelation offers a brighter sound giving added clarity and projection.

Super Revelation L13SR.

Designed as the "Soloist's Ligature", the Super Revelation offers exceptional radiance and amazing projection for a fabric ligature. Due to the 24K gold plating, the sound is brilliant and compact.

Set comes in a BG display case.


Caps are not included with set