Moeck Rottenburgh Palisander Tenor Recorder W/ Double Keys - 4425

Moeck Rottenburgh Palisander Tenor Recorder W/ Double Keys - 4425

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4425 Rottenburgh

Register: Tenor
Material: Palisander
Fingering: Baroque fingering
Holes / Keys: Double keys
Pitch: 442 Hz

The Rottenburgh is the instrument of choice for those recorder players who wish to play music at an advanced level. It is a reliable instrument with a carrying tone, whether played in small or large ensembles. It also lends itself perfectly for solo pieces, e.g. for sonatas with basso continuo. The Rottenburgh is the ideal all rounder: reliable, balanced and with a full tone. Depending on the wood it has a warm full sound for ensemble playing and is beautifully clear and expressive as a solo instrument. All Rottenburgh recorders have double holes or double keys and are played with the baroque fingering technique. Choose the instrument which is just right for you from our wide range of different woods and variety of equipment.

Comes with
Box or leather bag (as desired, 4290 + 4291 in cotton bags with leather hem), cleaning rod and cloth, cork grease, certificate with manual for maintenance, fingering chart and maintenance kit (except for models made of maple wood and pearwood)