Selmer Paris B16 Privilege Professional Bb Clarinet

Selmer Paris B16 Privilege Professional Bb Clarinet

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The new Privilege model clarinets are one of the most unique playing clarinets on the market.The Privilege Bb clarinet is exceptionally tuned, blending easily with other instruments in all accoustic settings. The entire range of this instrument is consistant with throat tones that are clear and focused. Redesigned keywork add a improved mechnical response and comfort with a new key shape for several keys.

The Évolution Series brings Greater stability in dimensional variation: the bore does not move or change and the reliability of the fit of the barrel onto the upper joint is improved. The instrument heats up and gets to pitch more quickly, with a smoother response on all registers


Silver plated keys

.574" bore diameter

17 Keys, 6 rings

Left Hand Eb lever

2 Barrels included (65.5 and 66.5)

Grenadilla body and bell

White Leather and White Goretex pads

Blue Steel Springs

C85 mouthpiece and Prisme case included with the instrument