Wiseman Double Bb & A Clarinet Case
Wiseman Double Bb & A Clarinet Case
Wiseman Double Bb & A Clarinet Case

Wiseman Double Bb & A Clarinet Case

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There are thirteen models of clarinet case in the Wiseman range. The combination cases can accommodate any model of soprano clarinet. The double and triple/quad cases both feature removable inserts so that any and or multiple combinations of clarinet can be carried. The trough-lined quad case features padded compartments which allows for the ultimate in versatility as a wide range of soprano instruments can be carried.

Each case is based on the unique Wiseman tubular design and provides maximum protection for each joint. We do not offer interior color selection. Exterior is standard black leather. 

Double Clarinet Combination Case

Will fit all makes of clarinet. (N.B.Buffet Elite clarinets require different inserts). Extra additional inserts can be purchased for any other soprano clarinets/instruments. Each half of the case will house one insert and provide storage space beside it. An ideal case if you are wanting to swap the inserts around for different combinations.

Very strong hard case.

Size and weight
apprx 6.5 lbs apprx 3 kgs
9 in diameter x 18 in length

Accessories Supplied
Supplied with two thick leather straps and padded non-slip leather shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are fixed into the buckle of the leather shoulder straps to stop the pads from sliding.

Detachable A3 sized leather music pocket poppers onto the outside of the case.

1 x A3 size leather music pocket (17 in x 12 in)
1 x external leather accessory /tool bag (attaches to perimeter belt)
1 x perimeter leather buckle belt
1 x pair of music pocket extensions ( for carrying large amounts of music)
2 x padded non-slip leather shoulder pads
2 x thick leather shoulder straps